Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Como Zoo Boo!

This past Sunday we went to Como Zoo for the 'Zoo Boo.' This was my first year, but the kids'/Josiah's second year-
and they were thrilled! Ethan went as a pirate (I know, no surprise there!) and Naomi was supposed to be a fairy
princess. But in her '2 year old' rebellion- she refused the costume and just went as herself. I carried the wings and magic
wand around in hopes that she'd change her mind, but she didn't. Oh well!
Ethan's favorite part of Zoo Boo was: Star Wars characters!!
Naomi's favorite part: candy!

We had a wonderful time taking pictures and following the trail... a lovely fall evening with the fam.
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sunshine & Summertime

A few pictures from the backyard... lots of warm sunshine so far this summer- and we're loving it. The kids have 2 favorite things: corn on the cob and water/sprinklers. They just can't get enough! Ethan hooked up a sprinkler the other night and proceeded to remove his clothing (thankfully he left his undies on!) and his sister quickly followed his example. SO, there they were- undies and cloth diaper-clad, running through the sprinkler, laughing, squealing and happy. It made me smile- I must admit... so cute!
And the corn... they're addicted. They make corn into a meal- 2 cobs a piece! I know- that's a lot of corn for little people, right?! But, they love it.
Happy Summer!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Naomi's new bed

Naomi recently climbed out of her crib, so we moved her into her big girl bed. The twin bed has lots of room and she was used to sleeping in the corner of her crib, so it's been an adjustment for her. I thought she was doing pretty well until a couple nights ago. My evening ritual is to check on both the kids before I go to bed. I make sure their covers are on, kiss their cheeks and thank God for them. Plus, I just love to look at their sweet, peaceful faces as they sleep. Well, I checked on Naomi and she wasn't in her bed. Hmm... looked on the floor, no. Looked up and she was sleeping in a ball on the glider! Hilarious. I gently moved her to bed- after snapping a pic of course! Then, the next night, starting the ritual again, open N's door. No Naomi in bed. Check the glider. Nope. Oh my! I found her sleeping on the changing pad which is on top of her dresser. She had climbed up on the glider and then onto the dresser. My little stinker! Poor girl just wants a tiny space to sleep in! Off to make sure she's napping in the bed still! ha ha... ;)

A little sibling love

For the most part the kids get along. I have fairly low expectations from my 2 & 4 year old, simply because, well, they're 2 & 4. We gently encourage sharing, apologizing, taking turns. Sometimes it works, other times there's screaming, hitting and crying. But, somedays, there's just love. Hugs, kisses, giggles & laughter. Music to my ears. My sweeties- a blessing- everyday!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

It's Good Friday- we went to Andrew's Park in Champlin for an Easter Egg Hunt. There were TONS of people/kids! And we scored 6 eggs total! WHOA!!! It was completely insane, but the
kids loved it and enjoyed their 3 pieces of candy on the grass at the park. My two sweet chicks- Happy Easter!

Happy 2nd Birthday Naomi & Happy Bday Grandpapa!!

Last night we had Naomi/Grandpapa's Birthday party! SOOOO much fun- and it was 80 degrees outside (April 1st)... wow! We all went out to El Toro for some yummy Mexican food, then back to our house for presents and 2 (yes, 2) amazing cakes from Truffles & Tortes. I have to admit, I feel a twinge of guilt for not making a homemade cake, but these cakes are so divine- I just decided that cake-making is not my 'thing.'
Naomi got a Bitty Baby, shopping cart, wood blocks, new summer tank tops, a misty sprinkler, books and more! So many lovely gifts- she was delighted! I think it was almost too much to take in for her! But, she's playing with everything this morning and having a blast. We're so blessed to have such a sweet baby girl! We love you Naomi Jean!
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No snow in March?!

Well, I'm not complaining one bit. It's a record and I'm happy about it-- no snow in March!
The kids have been thrilled to spend morning, afternoon, and night outside in the yard. Baseball, basketball, soccer, tag (E's personal fave), sliding, playing w/chalk, and on and on... so many fun
things to do! And I was starting to get a little stir-crazy inside, so I am thankful for the warm weather! Hello Spring- we're so happy you're here!!